Alex Mitchell’s Weekly Notebook

Tony Abbott’s demented Liberal followers consider Doomsday strategy at election: don’t vote for Turnbull … Canberra is supporting Hong Kong independence while ending Norfolk Island’s … Geoffrey “Hypotheticals” Robertson to plead Bounty mutineers’ case at UN … NSW cops in anti-terror breakthrough: two teenage school kids arrested and jailed

Lunar right-wing Liberals on self-destruct mission

The disintegration of thought in the Liberal Party has reached disturbing depths with some Libs now calling for the “Samson Option” i.e. let’s tear down the whole temple, destroy everything and start again.
Crazed Israeli Zionists are fans of the “Samson Option”. If threatened militarily by hostile Arab states, they propose to unleash thermo-nuclear destruction on every regional capital killing millions and reducing Arab cities to radioactive rubble.
Writing in Quadrant, a right-wing bible once supported by the CIA, Merv Bendle has asked the question: “Do Australian conservatives
face the Samson Option? Is it time to admit that the Liberal Party has been seized by philistines intent on worshipping their own pagan gods, that only the option is its demolition followed by the birth of an uncompromised conservative party?” (Quadrant, 20 April 2016)
Merv Bendle (is this his real name?) argued that “the best conservative strategy might be to vote informal or against the Coalition, ushering the CFMEU-Shorten-Labor-Greens junta into power to wreak carnage across Australia’s society and economy”.
Writing in The Spectator, another Turnbull hater called James Allan said that “with Malcolm Turnbull in charge it’s actually in Australia’s long-term interest to see the Coalition lose this next election, for the long-term good of party and country”.
In Murdoch’s Herald-Sun, far right funster Andrew Bolt complained: “No wonder some conservatives believe real reform will be impossible unless Turnbull loses [the election] and the Liberals are led by someone with a better compass and ticker.” (Herald-Sun, 25 April 2016)
The aforesaid Bendle speculated that a “newcomer” like the Australian Liberty Alliance might be able to attract conservatives and, perhaps one day in the future, take the place of the Liberal Party.
The ALA is a crackpot outfit pretending to be reasonable. In Dubbo this weekend its NSW Senate candidate will launch her campaign under the slogan: “We will stop the Islamisation of Australia”.
Get the picture?
The party that John Howard felicitously called “a broad church” has contracted a toxic fever like the zika virus which is reducing the size of the head and brain of its members.

Canberra goads Beijing

For 156 years the British government ruled Hong Kong with an iron fist. A permanent military garrison, a UK-trained police force and a small army of intelligence agents kept dissenters in check.
There were no elections, no parliament and only approved pro-British parties. Trades unions were banned, the media was censored and jails were full of political prisoners
When the 200 islands of the Hong Kong archipelago were handed back to the People’s Republic of China in 1997 according to treaty obligations signed in the 19th century, there was rejoicing by Chinese people everywhere.
But as Hong Kong was restored to its historic mainland home, the British imperialists and their Western allies (including Australia) launched a subversive campaign to incite rebellion against Beijing.
The newly-formed Hong Kong National Party has recently arrived on the scene with blanket coverage in the Western media.
This is surprising because the HKNP has an official membership of less than 50 while Hong Kong’s population is 7.2 million.
The party’s main mission is to incite popular revolt against the local administration and Beijing. Its eventual objective is independence for Hong Kong as a separate Asian state.
Under British colonial rule anyone who advocated independence faced charges of “treason” or “sedition” under the Crimes Ordinance and went to jail for life.
Hong Kong is now ruled by a Beijing-selected executive which takes its authority from a document called the Basic Law whose preamble says: “Hong Kong has been part of the territory of China since ancient times.”
Article 1 goes on to say that “the Hong Kong special administrative region is an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China”.
However, like the British colonialists, Beijing doesn’t tolerate talk of independence either. Its official spokesman has declared that the phantom party’s manifesto “went beyond the realm of freedom of expression … and must not be tolerated.”
Hong Kong has now become a battleground between East and West with London and Washington pouring millions of dollars into the hands of recently inspired “freedom fighters”.
The HKNP’s emergence bears all the hallmarks of a Washington initiative in support of its policy to demonise and “contain” China.

GOTCHA! Norfolk Island

While Canberra’s Liberal, National and Labor leaders and the permanent heads of the Defence Department (Dennis Richardson) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Peter Varghese) are busily supporting Hong Kong’s breakaway from China, they are united in abolishing the independence of Norfolk Island.
Hong Kong was returned to mainland China to honour an Order-in-Council declaration signed by Queen Victoria on behalf of HM’s British government in 1841.
Her handwritten instruction was that the Norfolk islanders’ laws and culture should be preserved for their “continuing use and enjoyment”.
This year the Australian government tore up Victoria’s letter (metaphorically speaking) and ended the island’s independence. The basic national freedoms enjoyed by the descendants of the Mutiny on the Bounty for over a century and half ended. (In a case of irony piled on hypocrisy the PM who scrapped Norfolk’s independence is Malcolm Bligh Turnbull). However, the illegal moves against the islanders began under John Howard and were continued under Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.
Earlier this year an organisation called Norfolk Island People for Independence was formed to fight against the Australian government’s illegal land grab.
This week the independence campaigners took their claim to the United Nations in New York. Albert Buffett and Ken Christian, descendants of the original Pitcairners, were accompanied by Australian-born Geoffrey Robertson QC who has agreed to argue the case for their independence in the world forum.
The international campaign went ahead as islanders marked the 227th anniversary of the Mutiny on the Bounty on 28 April.
NIPI has started a crowd-funding campaign to help restore self-government and hopes to raise $275,000 for a petition to the UN.
When I asked a veteran Canberra bureaucrat why Australia had seized control of Norfolk Island and wiped out the island’s independence, he replied: “Because that’s what Washington and London asked us to do. Our allies share the irrational and crazy theory that China is going to grab Norfolk Island, so we were urged to get in first. And we complied.”

NSW cops terrorise school kids

A 15-year-old schoolgirl and a 16-year-old schoolboy are both in jail in Sydney on terrorism charges after the police blocked bail.
The incarcerated school kids are from Arabic backgrounds and both have been vilified by the mainstream media. They have been declared guilty of whatever it is that they’ve been charged with even before they have made a plea or offered a defence.
Welcome to NSW where the police are all-powerful and beyond reproach, and the Coalition government is arming itself with draconian powers that have drawn angry fire from the Law Society, representing solicitors, and the Bar Association, representing barristers.
The psychological terror on the 15-year-old schoolgirl by the gun-toting anti-terror cops is alarming. She went to a pub to deliver some cash to be sent to her cousin in Syria: evidence of ISIS-supporting terrorism? Apparently.
In the United States more than 50 years ago, a 16-year-old schoolgirl named Hillary Diane Rodham became an avid campaign worker in Illinois for the ultra-reactionary Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.
She wrote in her autobiography: “I was also an active young Republican and later a Goldwater girl – right down to my cowgirl outfit and straw cowboy hat emblazoned with the slogan ‘AuH20’.”
(Au = gold, H2O = water. Geddit?)
“I liked Senator Goldwater because he was a rugged individualist who swam against the political tide.” (From Living History)
Her teenage views were not shared by other Americans. For example, Dr Martin Luther King Jr said: “On the urgent issue of civil rights, Senator Goldwater represents a philosophy that is morally indefensible and politically and socially suicidal.
“While himself not a racist, Mr Goldwater gives aid and comfort to the racists.”
At the 1964 election, Lyndon Johnson carried 44 out of 50 states and smashed Goldwater in the popular vote 61.1% to 38.5%.
Goldwater’s teenage admirer was none other than the celebrated Wall Street-supported feminist Hillary Clinton now bidding to become the first female US president.
I wonder whether police deputy commissioner Cath Burn, struggling to become the first female NSW police commissioner, will allow the jailed 15-year-old Australian-Arab girl to have a TV set to watch Hillary’s coronation at the Democratic Party’s convention in Philadelphia on July 25-28? It would be a Facebook and Twitter sensation.

Finance update

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi has called for 500 Euro note ($745) to be withdrawn. The banknote is known as “the Bin Laden” because it’s the currency of choice for organised crime and terrorist groups. And Draghi could have added bankers and tax haven investors.