Libya, the new failed state?

The wire story about the “arrest” of Seif al-Islam Gaddafy doesn’t stack up. It looks more like he has been abducted for ransome.
Why? Well, he’s been captured by a Berba military unit and taken to the Berba mountain capital, Zintan.
They played a leading role in the fighting to overthrow Gaddafy and they want a slice of the peace i.e. money and power. They have refused to surrender their arms to the ragtag crowd calling itself the transitional government and now they have Gaddafy’s son as a bargaining weapon.
It’s the first clear sign of tribalism in the post-Gaddafy era. In no time at all Libya could become another “failed state” and start looking like Afghanistan and Somalia. I hope not but that is the way the NATO “humanitarian” war could play out.


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