More on Labor’s fake Sydney “primary”

Linda Scott, Labor’s candidate to oppose Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore at the September election, has form.
She was Labor’s candidate to oppose Ms Moore for the seat of Sydney at the State Election in 2007.
In the run-up to the election Scott received a generous $20,000 campaign donation from Kristine Keneally, MP for Heffron who eventually received the nod from the right-wing Sussex Street machine to knife Nathan Rees and become Premier.
The donation to Scott came days after she, Keneally, was given $19,955 in six separate campaign donations by Planning Minister Frank Sartor, MP for Rockdale who had a special relationship with the city’s developers.
Scott is a fake “left”. She previously worked for Senator John (“we have to stay the course in Afghanistan”) Faulkner and also belonged to the Labor “luvvie” employment agency known as the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.
To my knowledge, Scott has never given a detailed public explanation of the Keneally donation or its origins. (Surely she must have checked by now?)
She is now the winner of the over-hyped “people’s primary” held in Sydney last weekend. The story of Sussex Street’s apparent embrace of rank and file democracy has been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the ABC and the rest of the witless Sydney media.
Herald journalist Malcolm Knox broke the story of Scott’s curious campaign funding in 2008. (Labor election funds tangled in development, SMH, 25.8.08).
Will his epigones pick up the chase and pursue this story and nail the hypocrisy being spread by general secretary Sam Dastyari? Regrettably most are more worried about their jobs than chasing stories, and who am I to blame them?

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