Syria: US poised for yet another atrocity

The savagery and barbarity of US imperialism is once again to be unleashed on the people of the Third World. This time the target is the people of Syria.
For two years they have suffered the bloodiest civil war imposed on them by regime-changers – principally the Western powers led by US, Britain and Israel.
Now the imperative to overthrow Bashar Assad’s regime has reached fever pitch. Israel has made it a pre-condition of diplomatic talks with the Palestinians that Assad should be replaced by a regime which will agree to a Camp David-type treaty. US Secretary of State John Kerry, a presidential failure, has staked his career on the Israel-Palestinian talks and that is why he is leading the US war party against Assad. He sees Assad’s overthrow as the key to achieving Israel’s participation in current negotiations over Palestine.
Assad put his regime in the firing line when he rejected a treaty with Israel and refused to surrender the Golan Heights which remains under Israeli military occupation.
He declared that Damascus would always remain part of the Syrian homeland and a treaty with Israel was out of the question while Palestinian rights were being violated and a homeland denied. After that, his days were numbered.
The immediate pretext for imperialism’s aggression is last week’s reported use of chemical weapons against the people of Damascus.
Not a shred of proof has been made public showing who was responsible – the Assad regime or the murderous militias of the so-called Free Syrian Army.
What if an Al Qaeda affiliate or a Salafist gang stored a swag of toxic chemicals in the basement of a Damascus building and it was hit by Syrian artillery or air force bombs? That would release fatal fumes into the civilian population – but would it constitute a war crime by Assad?

Fabrication broadcast

When Obama declared that Washington’s “red line” was the use of chemical weapons, it was only a matter time before the fabrication of a chemical war attack became a media “reality”.
Backed by unlimited funds from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, and with the technical backing of the CIA, Mossad and Britain’s special forces, the chemical warfare story has been created, filmed and broadcast around the world.
These murderous forces are now rushing to implement their military savagery before their threadbare narrative unravels.
Washington has constant satellite surveillance, electronic eavesdropping and spy networks throughout Syria. That’s what the NSA is for. Does anyone seriously believe that Washington doesn’t know precisely how chemical gas came to be released in Damascus, currently the most intensively spied-on city in the world?
Having blundered into Iraq and Afghanistan killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and creating millions of refugees, the bloodstained imperialists have found a new “cause” to fuel their war economies and divert attention from rising unemployment at home, poverty and community disintegration.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Foreign Minister Bob Carr, both paid-up stooges for Washington, stand ready to give a blank cheque to the US-led onslaught – another reason why they will be punished at the September 7 election.
The imminent attack on the Syrian people is a sign not of imperialism’s strength but of its desperation and moral bankruptcy.
Activists should consider popular mass action around the following demands:
• No US-UK military attack on Syria;
• Stop all arms and funds to the Syrian militias;
• Declare Syria a humanitarian crisis zone and send a UN peace corps numbering tens of thousands of volunteers from member states.
• Rebuild the ancient cities of Damascus, Aleppo and other cities and towns destroyed by the war.


  1. Is there any way this attack on Syria can be stopped? We are helpless. My guess is that if “the West” does attack, and if they leave anything on the ground in Syria, Israel will be in big trouble…

  2. Great stuff Alex, Sorry you couldn’t attend the TGS 125th. It was a great night. Have you moved or are you still battling the local council? I regularly drive to Brisbane and would love to catch up. If you have Victor Bestawas’s phone or email address would please forward same to me.
    Regards to you both.Bob Smith.

  3. Syria is such a mess now it is hard to think what can be done to fix it all. But your list above is the first set of programmatic suggestions I have seen from members of the Left who are good at opposing, but not so good at putting up alternative ideas. The use of chemical weapons is in itself a crime against humanity that we cannot just ignore. It may have been accidental as you suggest and maybe we will never know unless there is some way developed to get independent verification of whether these weapons have been used and who has used them. I heard Ban Ki Moon pleading with the US this morning to hold off for another 4 days while the current weapons inspection team does its work. Then I agree, if there is proof of chemical weapons use and it was intended by one side or the other to cause harm, action should be taken by the UN, not the US and UK. We are of course not mentioning the Russians and Chinese here who have blocked Western moves in the Security Council. Surely they have some responsibility here too.

  4. The British Parliament has just voted 285 to 272 against intervention in Syria. David Cameron has said he will not override this vote. He said he will wait for the weapons inspectors report and try to get the UN to act but the problem is Russia and China blocking any action against the Assad Regime. And then things come back to another vote in the British Parliament. Obama has said he will do the same but the bastard Republicans are pushing him saying he is making America look weak. Cameron and Obama seemed to have learnt something from their predecessors……you would hope so!

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