Tony Abbott aka the new Dr No

Prime Minister Julia Gillard scored a significant diplomatic success in China. She reached agreement with Beijing to hold annual ministerial talks, a status only enjoyed by a very small group of nations.
The question is: when will Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and his shadow foreign minister Julie Bishop denounce the Beijing-Canberra “axis of evil” and reject participating in the annual get-together if the Coalition wins the next election?
The Opposition routinely opposes everything the Gillard Government announces so the big surprise of the moment is that there has been no public response to Ms Gillard’s China breakthrough.
Perhaps immigration spokesman Scott Morrison can incorporate opposition to the Beijing initiative into his mindless “stop the boats” campaign?
Hillsong: praying for white people
Scott Morrison is currently confecting a vicious attack on the asylum seekers whose boat arrived in Geraldton harbour this week.
Doesn’t Morrison know that Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Britain are the stopping off point for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of refugee boats every year?
Listening to Morrison you could be excused for thinking that the world’s largest island continent was under siege from an armada of invaders.
Where does this reactionary stuff come from? I put it down to the Hillsong congregation in Sydney’s north-west, a bunch of wildly white, upwardly mobile, smug, complacent , evangelical Christians.
Morrison is one of their most devout members.

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