US Congress passes TRILLION dollar budget

Break open the champagne and let celebrations commence! Washington DC’s Congress has averted a government shutdown, costing millions of jobs and cutting cash to millions of welfare programmes.

How did they do it? A couple of hours before midnight on Thursday, September 30, 2021, the US Senate and the House of Representatives passed a $US 3.5 TRILLION Budget Bill.

It was negotiated through the Senate by Senator Chuck Shumer (New York and Israel) and the House by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (California and Israel).

Voting in the US Senate to approve the Bill was 65-35 and in the House it was 254-175.

Senator Shumer said: “This vote says we are keeping the government open. At this time – at any time – it is a very, very bad thing to let the government shutdown.”

Speaker Pelosi said: “A shutdown is not anything anyone wants.”

Democrat leaders claiming victory pointed to the items they had secured for the rescue and resettlement of Afghan refugees ($6.3 billion) and for disaster relief from fires, floods and typhoons ($28.6 billion). They were described rightly as “insulting crumbs”.

But hold the champagne for a moment. There is another side to this story – and it has gone unreported!

At a stroke, Congress has passed a Budget Bill creating more debt in one year than in the past 200 years – combined!

Furthermore, it will take an estimated 900,000 years to pay off the national debt. By the way, the current Bill only keeps the Federal Government solvent until December 3.

What will happen then? Let me predict that the US Congress will go through the whole process once more – print more debt and just manage to stay afloat. But for how long can this charade continue?

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  1. I love that you name Shumer and Pelosi as representatives for Israel! I have just made a widow’s mite contribution to JVP [JewishVoiceforPeace] one of many ordinary folk trying to counteract with pennies the billions handed by the US to that outlaw apartheid regime which stands on Palestinian land. Considering the lies spoken by Pelosi about the Pentecultist PM Morrison as she introduced him the other day – there seems little indeed that one might trust in what she says!

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